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The camera obscura – photography tips

photo retouch

Although Fox Talbot knew how to draw, the truth was that he was not very good at it. A gentleman mathematician and scientist, he had an interest in optics, and to help him create his illustrated souvenirs, he had packed in his luggage a camera lucida, a recently developed mechanism that was more portable than the artist’s other drawing aid, the camera obscura.

The camera obscura, or “dark room”, was simply a box of some sort with a tiny hole in

one side through which light shone, converting the scene before it into an inverted image on the opposite side of the box. The device had been known for as long as anybody cared to remember. When European painting progressed beyond icons, the camera obscura proved a handy way of capturing scenes and tableaux, and by the 16th century it was to be found in the studio. Artists would set up their boxes and trace the image that was conveyed through the small hole. There was no other way of fixing that image. Now we may spend more time on computer for digital photography rather than in a camera obscura.

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Be a serious bird photographer

bird photo If you would like

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to become a serious bird photographer, learning and practicing skills is the effective way to achieve the best photo. As experience accumulated,you want to improve your ability on taking bird photographs – in particular you happen to be travelling to an wild life national park, you ought to be properly ready on shooting notion, operation, as well as your cameras. Bring your camera and take amazing shot throughout travel will make you satisfied specially for those who get lucky and shoot a colourful bird along the way – a brilliant bee-eater, a hoopoe among the pines, a macaw inside a tropical canopy, or even a lot more good capture. At finest these region soft photos, or distant blurs that require each of the help from photo retouching on a pc later. The majority of significant photographer may have a DSLR with a continuous concentrate mode. This continually alterations the auto focus whenever you half press the shutter and it really is extremely helpful to stick to a bird in flight, as is really a higher speed drive mode. A 400mm lense is definitely the beginning point for critical bird photograher, with an f cease as speedy as you can afford. You should be in a position to push the shuter speed as much as ISO 1000 to freeze any movement. A monopod is really a important element to maintain the camera nonetheless – especially in the event you own a extended lens. Dawn and dusk are when birds are at their most active, and several birds region invisble for the top a part of the day. Article source :http://www.quickretouch.com.au/blog


Portfolio with advanced photo retouching

photo retouching model With the increasing demands of fast image and video post processing, good retouching software has been designed to fulfil this requirement. Retouching is a useful technique which repair the defects or enhances the effect of a picture or video. Image retouching is very useful if you want your photo stand out. it is not only about the image, what matters is your photo might be shared and spread in various ways, like album, web gallery, social network. Therefore, each image you want to share should be stunning enough. Although most of modern digital cameras come in with built in fundamental retouching features, like colour correction, exposure adjustment, or other effect options, but they are faw away from the industy level processing. The advanced photo retouching requires top end creativeness, experience and abilities. At the moment many professionals are using image retouching services to fix obvious defects like blemishes, and color variance for his or her portfolio images to get a perfect appearance. For printing advertisment, the image quality decide how many people would spend time on it, even the conversioni rate of the advertisment. These astounding images on the magazines have mutiple retouching effects and photo improvements done. When you take a look at a professional modeling portfolio, you may find portrait images need to be sharp, edges popped, unwanted element to be removed, teeth whitening done so that these profiles look natural. Now retouching heavily involved creative design avtivity, as retouching gradually become part of designing. Some common retouching process includes effects, digital image manipulation, color correction, vector conversion, clipping path and art effect produce. The eye catching art effects like pop art, place

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color, pencil sketches boost the visual effect extremely. Image and video retouching gives an advantage for you to put certain emotions into the work you will deliver. Many specialists working in studio constantly brainstorm to create out the very best of work. To outsource photo retouching service, professional attitude, quick turnaround time, top quality service and reasonable cost are some major factors that you simply must consider before make decision. The prior work should be examined prior making the ultimate selection. Photo retouching, if doing properly, will significantly increase the value of your photo. You may check the services at http://www.quickretouch.com.au


Take off to Latin America!

photo retouching services Latin America, and where you’ll share your own traveling experiences with others around the world. In this blog you will find posts containing tips, recommendations and ”stay away!” warnings :) about places in South and Central America, from someone that has been there. You will get first hand information on the best, the better and the worst about countries, cities and landmarks. Do not forget to take as more photos as you can to

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capture all the special sight! If you find no tome for post retouching, then go with a online photo retouching services. If you are planning on traveling to the region and want to get unbiased information and great tips about a certain place, this will be a great site to find this information from someone else like you. You might also discover places you haven’t even heard of!I love to travel, and I try to do it as much as I can. From all my traveling experience I learned that to really see what a country is made of, you have to get involved with its people, follow their customs and some of their everyday routines. Otherwise you will only get exposed to the superficial and almost “staged” lifestyle of a country. You’ll get the tourist look. Taking travelp photo is also a important and meaning part, following by a little photo retouching job will preserve every good moment. To get the inside scoop about destinations in Latin America. To get the naked truth from people that has been to a place and has seen more than just the “pretty face” of a country. I guarantee this information will get you a whole new level of traveling experience.Now, it is not easy to go deep into a country’s life when you don’t know anyone there. It is much simpler to just get a commercial guide and follow blindly, or sign up for a tour. But trust me, that way of traveling wont even leave a mark on you. You might as well take a virtual tour sitting at home :) . So, look around this blog, get your tips, enjoy your trip, and when you get back tell us all about it! Let’s travel!!!


Wedding photo retouching

retouched wedding photo Literally, everyone, a random person in a store told them they were the most stunning couple that she’d ever seen. What an honor! I tend to agree that they are quite stunning!

Wedding photo story

I love taking wedding photo because each moment is so memorable and the new couple share the love and happiness with you. I really enjoyed the entire shoot, but what made it even more special was the fact that I got to photograph a couple, who are friends of mine! Daniel go way back (not saying we’re old!) and he’s quite a character. He’s so nice, funny, and charming, all in one person. He’s one of the kindest people you’ll ever

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meet, and you’ll always have fun with him. Andrea was a joy to be around, and she was notorious for doing something different with each pose that broke the mold on my usual photography. I love that about her! I especially love doing something different any chance I get. Her smile is gorgeous and she has beautiful blue eyes that really stand out in her portraits. She reminds me of “the girl next door,” sweet, funny, simple-hearted and kind. These two were definitely made for each other! They are truly in love and I enjoyed every minute of the shoot with both of them.

First wedding photo editing

At last I would like to mention a wedding photo retouching service provider online named quick retouch. I try some post processing to create a art feeling for some wedding photos by photo editing service. The colour, angle of the light and colour temperature has been slightly adjusted in order to achieve the ideal status I want. If you find several photos are extremely special and want to print it or send to family or friends, try with some photo retouching service will make them more impressive.


Congratulations to Yessenia and Erik

wedding photo editing I first received an entry for this couple from a friend of hers. It was the sweetest entry… talking about how what an amazing person Yessenia is, how giving, loving and selfless she is. I always have a soft heart for those who love others so much, for those who give so much of themselves to make others feel loved and wanted. So, of course this stuck out to me. Especially, with someone else sending it in about her and also Erik. So then, they became one of the final four contestants! Yessenia and Erik have been together for eight years now and couldn’t be more excited to be getting married! I’m so glad I will be able to help them relive their wedding day for the rest of their lives. They are each others best friends and one true love, they couldn’t be happier!

Story of how they met:

We met in our Intro to Teaching class in college at CSU Monterey Bay. We started off as friends and after away our friendship blossomed to more. After knowing each other

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for 9 years we are finally getting married! He lives out of town so came to visit for the weekend. We went to his favorite restaurant for dinner nothing out of the ordinary. Next we went to my favorite place for frozen yogurt! We were then walking around Cannery Row in Monterey and walked down to the beach. We were just sitting there looking out into the ocean when he started to tell me how much he loved me. Next thing I knew he was on one knee… I was in shock didn’t and couldn’t respond…finally I said yes! We are so excited and have planned our wedding for this summer that way we can enjoy our time off together. Another perk of being a teacher. Congratulations to you both!! I can’t wait to capture your best moment with my camera!!!!!! For people have ssame interest like me, bring your equipment and adorable photos are another gift for the new couple. Recently I found a place of photo editing service to generate master work here. I order some sample before and looks pretty good. If you require photo retouching services, check http://www.quickretouch.com.au


This couple seems pretty amazing!

As I read their story of how they became, I found myself totally sucked in. Their relationship reminded me a lot of people I knew. I felt totally a part of their relationship and I hadn’t even known them. Well, actually, it turns out they were both in a wedding I had shot last year. They were a part of Bethany and Zack’s wedding, whom I’ve totally fallen in love with! What a small world this is! I love the connections we all have with each other without even knowing it sometimes! This couple seems to be the MOST supportive of each other and each others lives. There is nothing more that you need in a relationship than love and support from each other! I think they’ve got it! I can’t wait to shoot this wedding! Congrats to you both again! I couldn’t be happier to be able to make just one more couple enjoy memories forever!! Story about their growing love: It was the week of finals, my freshman year of college, and my roommate and I decided we were going to get a snack. When we walked by the desk of our dorm,

a girl we knew called us over. She introduced me to David and said that he and I were both going to be Resident Assistants in the same dorm the following year. We made small talk, found out he was going to live right below me, thought, ”hmmmm he’s pretty cute,” and I was on my way. The next time we saw each other was during our training, and we hung out with different people, but we slowly got to know each other—or quickly, as we lived and worked together. I realized that I was attracted to him, and anticipated the nights when we worked together. In late November, he invited me to a basketball game, of which I am not a fan, but I jumped at the chance. School let out in December, and it would be a month until we saw each other again. I called him during the winter break, and told him I had feelings for him, and he suggested that we hold off on anything until the school year was over…in case anything were to happen, it could be an awkward situation given our living/working situation. I figured he did not reciprocate the feelings, even though I secretly hoped he was telling the truth. That next semester, we started spending time together, and in March, we shared our first kiss, that we kept secret from everyone, because we still worked together. When we got our placement for the following year, we were in the same building again, and decided at that point we needed to just be upfront about it with our co-workers when we were back in school. However, that summer was filled with trips, expected and unexpected. I had two week-and-a-half long vacations that were planned before we started dating, almost back to back, and had accepted a live-in job that required 30 hours a week, mostly nights and weekends. David worked about 30 hours a week as well, but it was a day job. In the beginning of July, David’s uncle passed away unexpectedly, and he went to Montana for a couple weeks. We were both unsure of the future, but our relationship continued to grow, regardless of our time apart. It wasn’t soon after summer ended that we were sitting in his car, waiting to go to a friend’s party, when he told me he loved me, and that I was the first person he had ever said that to. I knew I loved him too, and told him, but it wasn’t until a while later when I realized that even though I thought I loved someone else before, it wasn’t anything compared to the feelings I had for David. That this was really love. Time passed, and we both graduated from college. David currently supports our troops by providing logistical support for the Department of Defense. I am in graduate school, working on autism research, hoping to make a difference in education. I will be continuing my education and pursuing a PhD, and David has been nothing but supportive, stating that he will move wherever to ensure I receive the education I desire. Let me post something special here: if you have large amount of wedding photo to retouch, you may consider using wedding photo retouching services here. This past August, we went to San Diego with David’s family. On the morning of August 4th, we walked to the Starbucks (my guilty pleasure and he hates coffee), and then walked along the beach back to the hotel. It was low-tide and we were looking for shells. Surprisingly, I found a sand dollar, almost intact and was set on finding another. David was a few feed ahead of me and called me over to him, telling me he had something. When I caught up, he handed me an undamaged sand dollar and I was very excited. We spent the day on the beach, wandering around, and went out to dinner with his family. Earlier in the week, we had talked about doing a sunset walk, but because it was cloudy we kept postponing it. We were back in the hotel when David suggested that we go on our walk, even though it was cloudy. After walking for a while, we sat down and watched the surfers. I saw something in the sand, and thought it was a sand dollar, but David told me that we could look at it when we were about to leave. It started to get chilly, and we stood up to leave. David turned to me, and I turned towards the ocean and said “let me just check if it’s a sand dollar!” It wasn’t. When I walked back, he just looked at me, smiled, and got down on one knee. “I’ve been waiting a long time for this…will you marry me?” I’m not sure I actually said yes, I think I was too excited, shaking my head and crying “happy” tears. He kissed me and said, “now was it really necessary to look at that sand dollar,” with a smirk. I soon found out that his parents and sister knew the plan, and there would be champagne waiting for us when we got back, and that they had been watching from the hotel window. I’m notorious for being silly, and not quite thinking through my thoughts. And even though I had to see if it was a sand dollar, David didn’t get mad, he just accepted my goofy nature and we still laugh about it. My favorite thing I love about David is that he laughs with me, not at me. He entertains my crazy antics and random thoughts, and doesn’t make me feel ridiculous or stupid. And often he will even join in. I feel like I can be myself 100% with him. And he is always willing to listen to me, comfort me, and try to understand what I am learning in school. He has a fantastic sense of humor and doesn’t hesitate to do silly things, that inevitably make me laugh…but I guess all those things are more than just one thing I love about him, but I love them all.

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